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2015 Class Council

The Class Council for 2015, helps create events and what ever seems necessary that will benefit the Freshman class.

2016 Class Council

The class of 2016 class council will...

2017 Class Council

The 2017 class council strives to create the best possible Colgate experience for the Class of 2017.

2018 Class Council

Class Council for the Class of 2018.

2019 Class Council

Event planning and coordinating body for the Class of 2019. Focused on unifying, exciting, and uplifting the Bicentennial Class in Colgate's history.

2020 Class Council

Class of 2020 Council.

Active Minds (AM)

AM is trying to change the conversation about mental health, one event at a time! Everything from "the Happiness Project" to suicide prevention, Active Minds is out to take out the negative stigma starting right here on campus!


Advocates seeks to recognize and support the LGBTQ students and allies. We strive to raise awareness through education of issues facing our community both in the world and in the Colgate bubble. We meet Tuesdays at 7pm in WMST (Basement of East)

African Students' Union (ASU)

The African Students' Union is an organization that strives to raise awareness and to arouse interest in African cultures and affairs within Colgate University and the Hamilton community.


This club emphasizes attitudinal training with students and instructor growing together. New Members Welcomed - No Experience Needed. We practice from 8-9 on Mondays and Thursdays on the second floor of Huntington gym, subject to change via email.

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