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Saturday, March 25 2017, 4:30 PM to 5:45 PM

This event is the headlining portion of MOSAiC Weekend spanning from March 24-March 26. TJ Holmes is a respected and prominent journalist and will deliver his remarks on the afternoon of the 25th. This keynote address will then break into sessions with the leaders of student groups representing students of color, and with the organizers of the event who assisted the Dept. of Advancement by providing input on a selective committee. 

Holmes is an ABC News anchor/correspondent. Joining ABC in December of 2014, he reports for all the network’s broadcasts and platforms. Primarily, Holmes contributes daily to “Good Morning America,” the most-watched network morning news show. His experience, personality and unique storytelling were a good fit to GMA’s blend of breaking news, in-depth reporting, and family-focused fun.

In his 17-year journalism career, Holmes has reported around the country and the world on major news events, from the poaching crisis in South Africa and the Olympics in Athens and Rio, to presidential elections and political conventions.

Prior to joining ABC, Holmes spent 5 years as anchor of “CNN Saturday/Sunday Morning” and anchored significant news stories including Saddam Hussein’s execution in 2006, the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India in 2008 and at Glasgow Airport in 2007. He also reported from the scene of the devastating Joplin, Missouri tornadoes, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in New Orleans, and the tragic shootings on the Virginia Tech campus in Blackburg, Virginia. He secured some of the first accounts from the survivors of the US Airways Flight 1549 that crash-landed in New York’s Hudson River in January 2009 and reported from the campus of the University of Mississippi during the first presidential debate between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama. Holmes also anchored from Ground Zero to commemorate the emotional 10th Anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

Colgate Memorial Chapel

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